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Hello there.

I am deeply passionate about people taking in the art around them, especially art that not many people notice is there. There are so many incredible theatre companies who don’t always get the support they deserve because they are overshadowed by commercial venues. That’s why I make it my mission to give my heart to the art in any way I can, and that’s why I do what I do.

Growing up in Hillsboro, MO, theatre not only brought me joy, but it was a place of sanctuary. Dubbed the "weird kid" in junior high, I went through some rough times, but theatre was always there. The arts provided me with a sense of belonging. That was when I made it my mission to provide that same sense of sanctuary for someone else: to bring insight or light to the world through theatre in any way I can and educate future generations to do the same.

From there, I decided to attend Stephens College with an emphasis in Acting (and basically anything I was willing to dive into). I was very fortunate to receive diverse training in multiple facets of theatre, on top of specialized training in my area of study. Whilst at Stephens, I props designed, stage managed, worked on marketing projects for various departments within the performing arts, and served as the Public Relations/Marketing chair for our student-operated theatre company on campus. In three short years, I received well-rounded training that provided me with a drive that has motivated me to be dedicated to my craft, focused on my career, and an overall hard-working individual.

As a theatre advocate and native St. Louisan (my town was close enough okay?), it has always been my dream to bring local theatre into the limelight. There are so many incredible companies that get swept under the rug, and that is why I am back to my roots furthering my mission as a committed designer, artist, and advocate in the St. Louis community.

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