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Marketing has been a passion of mine since I figured out how to use PowerPoint when I was five. I used to make posters to hang around the house, design my own shirts, hold photo-shoots for the fake tabloid used in our insanely elaborate game of house--let's just say it's not surprising that I ended up taking it up as a profession.

Marketing plays a pivotal role in inviting audiences to be an active part of the artistic community. Unless they are season ticket holders or regular patrons of the arts, they are not aware of the incredible productions constantly going on around them. That is why I am so passionate about providing local companies a resource for quality marketing. Some people may see it as an unnecessary expenditure, but I've seen how it can take companies to the next level.

That is why I'm back in St. Louis and that is what I want to do for YOU.

Design Highlights

design highlights

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DaySpring Arts & Education

(Maryland Heights, MO)

Summer Theatre Institute

(Columbia, MO)

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